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Our Story

Welcome to Indigo. We are a lifestyle shop where you can find a beautifully curated selection of products that have a beautiful story behind them.

The idea for Indigo began during co-founder Susan Daly and her husband ‘s trips to Ethiopia to adopt their three sons. While there they saw the heartbreaking impact of poverty on families, especially women and children.

However, they also saw hope and dignity when women found meaningful work that paid a living wage.

She joined forces with her co-founder and sister, Laura Daly O’Connor. Laura and her husband have two daughters, which has made her a passionate advocate for empowering girls worldwide through opportunity and education.

Empowering women to lift themselves up from poverty results in higher self esteem, the ability to provide a safe, nurturing home and an education for their children. In other words, what moms all over the world want for their children.

We currently partner with 20 + brands that work in countries across the globe, including the US. Our partners are artisan groups dedicated to preserving time honored techniques, innovators in sustainable manufacturing, mothers, sisters and daughters.

We hope you join us in this journey. Your values are our values and at Indigo, your values truly can guide your spending.

Come see how beautiful empowerment can be.