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Social Impact

Our goal is to provide our customers beautiful products that also have a beautiful story behind them. Globally, the production of “fast fashion” involves slave labor, child labor, and wages that are so low, it is impossible to provide basic needs for a family. The majority of workers that are being exploited are women. The impact on the environment is just as disastrous. Farmers are forced to use harmful pesticides to keep up with the increasing demand, the pollution caused by the chemicals used in the production process is in our waterways and soil, and huge amounts of water are needed for traditional manufacturing.

You can solve these problems. You can choose to spend your dollars on products that align with your values. And you do not need to sacrifice quality or beauty when you shop with a purpose. Everyone is different, so whether your passion is people, the environment, or where your clothes are made, we have you covered. You can search our products based upon the categories your value the most. You can change the world by letting your values guide your spending.